Over the years, people from India have settled outside India in various countries of the world.

In most of the cases Indians who have settled abroad or are working abroad have properties and investments in India which are either self-acquired or inherited or belongs to the joint family property. The Non-Residents often do not know how to manage these investments and often have several questions in their mind:

  • What is my residential status in India?
  • Whether I am required to file Income Tax returns in India?
  • Whether I need to declare my Indian assets and/or Indian income in India or in the country where I reside?
  • What taxes have to be paid in India?
  • What is the procedure of remitting funds from abroad to India or from India to abroad?
  • What are the investment opportunities in India?
  • Can I do any business in India?

To answer these questions, to efficiently manage the investments and also comply with the judicial laws in India, professional guidance is not only sought but also required by such Non-Residents. The core team at Enaar Infinity, under the guidance of our Advisory Board, is well equipped to provide following solutions to the non-residents:

  • Accounting and taxation services
  • Legal and advisory services
  • Assets management & financial advisory
  • Virtual office

Assets management & financial advisory:

Enaar Infinty?s Advisory Board and core team have vast experience in guiding the Non-Residents for the management of their assets in India. We can guide and manage the funds of Non-Residents in India to ensure that the investments are not only properly secured but also provide our clients with maximum returns. We also guide our clients in complying with laws related to various investments such as making disclosures to the RBI with respect to individuals? property purchases in India. We manage the bank accounts of our clients as well and advise them on procedures related to opening and managing of different bank accounts in India.

Legal and advisory services:

The Non-Residents, particularly those who are inherit assets in India, are required to comply with taxation, RBI & FEMA laws. Our company can provide all the legal and advisory services which are required by the Non-Residents in India.

Accounts and taxation services:

Indian laws require businesses to follow a financial year of April to March for the maintenance of accounts and filing of tax returns. Enaar Infinity provide comprehensive services for book keeping and maintenance of accounts in India, preparing yearly balance sheet and determining income for taxability in India or abroad. After the determination of the income, the necessary Income Tax Returns can be filed in India by the non-resident. Additionally, our company provides non-resident individuals with services required for the remittance of funds from India and compliance with the RBI and FEMA laws.

Virtual Office :

Should a Non Resident decide to venture in Indian market; Enaar Infinity can provide everything you need for initial establishment of your business in India. The company has a variety of virtual office services that can be customized to fit client?s business and budget. With our virtual office you can have a business address, a local contact number, meeting place, conference room and other hospitalities.