Enaar Infinity Solutions Private Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, established with the specific objective of providing advisory services to all the non-resident individuals and foreign businesses.

Enaar Infinity (derived from acronym NR, meaning non-residents) is a single window advisory firm for non-residents and foreign companies. We cater to the diverse business needs across different sectors by providing services ranging from India market entry to financial and legal advisory services. We also serve non-resident individuals and provide services ranging from accounting to portfolio management in the Indian market.

Our team works with our clients in every step of their journey in India and serve as their local and on ground support partner. We provide the necessary resources, knowledge, advisory and infrastructure support for non-resident clients and enable them to leverage the emerging and fast growing opportunities in India.

The Company's offerings are structured as under:
  • Market research for India entry
  • Services to business entities
  • Services for Individuals
  • Investments